Home Inspections

Our comprehensive electronic reports are in a narrative format with color photos and include maintenance tips. Each inspection evaluates the following components of the home:

material, drainage, ventilation, flashings and penetrations

Structural Components:
slab, foundation, exterior walls, roof structure

access, penetrations, insulation and ventilation

system information and control observations, ductwork-distribution and filters

water supply, waste piping, venting, water heater

cabinets, counters, sinks, fans, toilets, bathtubs and showers

driveway, sidewalks, patios, grading, vegetation, sprinklers

Exterior House:
siding, stucco, doors, windows, eaves, fascia, paint

door, opener, floor, walls and ceiling

panels, breakers, GFCI, wiring, outlets, lights and switches

cabinets, counters, disposal, sinks and appliances

Bedrooms and Interior Areas:
laundry, ceiling fans, switches, lights, outlets, windows, doors, smoke detectors, floors, walls and ceilings

4 Point Insurance

Often a requirement by insurance companies.  A four point inspection certifies the age, type and condition of the four following major components of your home: Roof, Electrical, Heating & Cooling systems and Plumbing


A prelisting inspection can signal to potential buyers that you've done the due diligence on their future home. It can give potential buyers confidence in you as an honest seller and in the quality of the home you are selling.

Wind Mitigation

The report identifies the roof type, structural components and connections as well as opening protection of doors, windows and garages. Most existing houses already have features in place that will qualify them for wind loss mitigation certification which will lower their insurance premium.


Single Family Homes

Square Footage:                        Cost:

up to 1,000                                $275.00

1,001 to 1,500                           $300.00

1,501 - 2,000                              $325.00

2,001 - 2,500                              $350.00

2,501 - 3,000                              $375.00

3,001 - 3,500                              $400.00

3,501 - 4,000                              $425.00

Additional Costs:

Pool Add:          $25.00
Crawlspace:      $50.00

Condominiums / Townhouses

Square Footage:                        Cost:

up to 1,000                                $225.00

1,001  - 1,500                             $250.00

1,501 - 2,500                              $275.00

2,501 - 3,000                              $300.00

Four Point Insurance Inspections:    (Winter Park, Maitland, Casselberry, Longwood, Winter Springs and Oviedo)  Cost:  $75.00                                                                         (All other areas) Cost:    $100.00

Wind Mitigation:                                    (Winter Park, Maitland, Casselberry, Longwood, Winter Springs and Oviedo) Cost:  $75.00                                                                            (All other areas) Cost:   $100.00

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards